Jasmine Pearls

2017 Organic Imperial Grade Jasmine


This is the finest grade of hand rolled  Jasmine tea. Each kilogram in weight is made up of 14,000 pearls. Just four will make a pot of tea and you can use the same leaves again for at least another 10 more steeps. The tea buds that make this tea are hand picked in gardens found among the chains of mountains, hidden in mist close to the Fujian border with Jiangxi. Night blooming jasmine flowers are picked in the morning with the tiny petals tightly closed and stored until the evening. As the flowers open they make a popping sound and the process begins. The blossoms are placed between layers of white tea buds for four hours and in this finest grade the process is repeated seven times. Each time the spent flowers are carefully removed and each leaf is skillfully hand rolled into a tiny pearl size ball. The tea is then wrapped in silk mesh and carefully dried.

. – Certified Organic by IMO Swizterland.

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Weight 50 g


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